THE entrance to the Commercial Street car park in Darlington is at east end and the exit is at the west.

This morning I have had two incidences of drivers not using this car park properly – the first could have ended up with me getting knocked over through no fault of my own and in the second, a car nearly hit the car I was a passenger in.

On both occasions the gentlemen drivers were using the exit entrance to come into the car park.

When I brought their attention to the fact they had done wrong by speaking to them and pointing to the signs, the first driver said nothing and continued to drive into a parking space and the second replied by saying “it’s always been the entrance”.

The car park wasn’t full. And for as long as I have been using that car park the way in and out has always been in their current places.

So they were either unable to read or just couldn’t be a****.

So with a blatant violation like that and with drivers like that, there is an accident waiting to happen it sure is just a matter of time.

Brian Fishpool, Darlington