WHEN we are being told that we should have more toxic stuff in our area by those living miles away I am a bit suspicious.

Just because we have a large chemical complex, the Tees estuary has been regarded as a dumping ground for many unpleasant works and waste.

We’re burning waste from most local towns and on the south side they’re incinerating millions of tons of Merseyside’s rubbish.

Add to this all the traffic pollution and you’ll realise why local ratepayers are unwilling to be overjoyed at becoming a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

As Anthony J Foster is so enamoured with radioactive waste (HAS, Feb 15), I’d suggest Peterlee have it and I’m sure their ratepayers will be over the moon and can’t wait to shake his hand.

As someone who has worked in two chemically toxic industries, including radioactive tests, I believe all towns should treat their own waste and industries should regard waste as part of the process.

For example, that radioactive waste could safely be burned and stored within our nuclear power station’s storage.

We’re leaving enough problems for future generations because of decadence and profit chasing desperation at any price.

It’s been calculated we’ll need two new earths if billions of poor people are to live like us – just think of the amount of waste to come.

C Davison, Billingham.