IT was good to read that Teesside is “at head of the free port queue” (Echo, Feb 11).

The Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen has been battling on three fronts.

Teesside Airport has been successful with extra flights, and a free port for Teesport looks likely.

More difficult is dealing with the three Thai Banks on the redundant multi acre SSI steelmaking sites in and around the old Redcar blast furnace.

Many will hope that Teesside International Airport will fly long into the future, Teesport becomes one of the first free ports and a deal can be done to bring the 20,000 jobs to the old SSI steelmaking sites, all which will help many Teessiders and maybe people beyond.

George Dunning, Ormesby.

IN case your readers are misled over the recent news about setting up a free port on Teesside, leaving the EU is not a pre-requisite for this to happen, even though Rishi Sunak MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury appears to think otherwise (according to his interview on Sky News recently).

In fact there are over 80 such “free zones” in the EU at this time.

Mr Sunak’s breath-taking ignorance apart, this is yet another example of a Brexit non-benefit.

Nigel Martin, Pity Me, Durham.