HOW can one fail to be offended by Sir Phillip Pullman’s "what a foul country" comment and claim that Meghan Markle is attacked here because she is black?

I doubt if we would have the current difficulty had Harry married a black woman from a Commonwealth country where the Queen is head of state. Any incompatibility is one of culture, not race.

John Riseley, Harrogate

IN life, no matter what the colour of your skin, you will not be liked by everyone, especially if you are very much in the public eye.  I refer to Meghan Markle and the article by the columnist Arun Arora, headlined "Real reason Meghan wants out" (Echo, Jan 15).  As I take The Northern Echo, I only rarely read the national press so I have to accept Meghan is criticised, racially, as the writer stated. However, to balance this, Meghan only has to watch the BBC which always shows her in a favourable light.  Many members of the British public, especially royalists, have also taken her to their hearts.

I personally have not heard or read any racist comments against Meghan but surely Harry should have explained to her on marrying him that she would come under a great deal of scrutiny. Is it not against the law to use racial language?  If, as an outsider, you enter the royal family there is lots of responsibility that goes with it as well as many privileges and conforming is the name of the game.

There are black politicians I do not agree with but surely that does not make me racist as I also disagree with many white broadcasters – I think many are very greedy with regard their salaries.  No doubt there are people who do not like Harry.  I'm glad I am not in the public eye!

Mike Taylor, Darlington