FOR all the talk of a new political era, there is still little evidence that Boris Johnson will be a remotely competent Prime Minister or, for that matter, that Brexit will turn out to be a success.

In the meantime there is still a huge crisis in education, with increasing use of unqualified staff instead of teachers and half of newly qualified teachers quitting the profession after three years. There is still a huge funding crisis in the NHS, which I doubt Johnson will come remotely close to solving, for all his spin.

There is still a huge child poverty crisis, with numbers approaching six million children, which shows no sign of improving and there is still a massive homelessness crisis.

There is a huge crisis in terms of a lack of good jobs in huge swathes of the country, which has now been true for a generation – let's see if Johnson really tries to solve this or merely promote white elephant projects in the north, similar to his garden bridge idea in London.

And most importantly, there is still a growing Climate Crisis... witness Australia this week and record December temperature in the UK.

Will Johnson even start to solve these problems?

We desperately need some real vision and political leadership, from politicians who can take the measures that are needed to address the real problems and give people real hope.

Peter Sagar, Newcastle.