THERE was a time when America was the greatest society on earth.

In the 1950s giant US companies like Ford, General Electric and Du Pont dominated world markets.

In addition, Americans were the healthiest and wealthiest in the world.

A strong economy and high levels of prosperity for the majority was referred to the American Dream.

Today millions of US citizens live under an American nightmare, with falling living standards, no health care, life expectancy lower than Bosnia and infant mortality higher than Costa Rica.

Moreover, American manufactured goods which once dominated world markets are massively inferior to Japanese, German and Chinese goods.

Most Americans are aware that their society is degenerating, hence the support for Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, but sadly instead at looking at the real cause of America’s decline, they instead blame most their problems on minorities and foreigners, particularly people who inhabit the Middle East.

The main cause of America’s economic and social problems is a complete addiction to war. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone have cost almost $1 trillion and the bill keeps rising. The US military is also involved in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Libya.

None of these countries pose the slightest threat to the USA and neither does Iran, which has not attacked another country for 350 years.

War doesn’t provide Americans with food, clothes, hospital beds, houses, schools or railways, but it does feather the nest of the American ruling class who must be the most parasitic elite since the days of Ancient Rome.

Arms manufacturers, military private contractors (or mercenaries if you prefer), bankers who lend money to fund wars and oil companies whose profits shoot up during times of conflict all leech upon the American working and middle classes.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland.