I READ with fond memories the article about Darlington solicitor Peter Blackett marking 50 years of legal work (Echo, Jan 8).

I, too, worked at Steavensons Plant and Park in the late 1960s and remember well Mr Cyril Park in his large imposing chair behind the larger still, imposing desk – he looked like an austere teddy bear. I am pleased to say that I worked for his son John who was much more amiable and extremely clever.

It was, as Peter said, a very old fashioned office where no one was called by their Christian name – it was always Miss, Mrs or Mr, quite formal but the experience and knowledge I gained has been so important throughout my life.

I also went to work at Newton Aycliffe as a temp for Peter's wife Teresa a few years later.

I even went on to study law on John Park’s recommendation but due to family commitments could not continue so eventually I ended up working in another legal office in town.

I am forever grateful to the Park family, especially Mr John Park, who nurtured my love of law.

To Peter and Teresa very best wishes and well done Peter for all you have achieved. I think you probably learnt from the best teachers at the time.

Monica Giggins (nee Hughes), Darlington.