I HEARD Dehenna Davison, the newly elected Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland on the BBC2 Politics Live programme on Tuesday, January 7.

She stated that she would raise the local concerns of the Bishop Auckland electorate with Government Ministers.

Specifically, she would be lobbying for a bypass for Toft Hill.

On the same day The Northern Echo highlighted another issue which is a concern of people in Bishop Auckland.

That is the removal of yet another medical service from Bishop Auckland Hospital.

This time the proposal is to move the stroke rehabilitation service to the hospital in Durham City.

Having suffered two strokes myself, I can personally vouch for the excellent care I received in Bishop Auckland Hospital.

The stroke rehabilitation service could be used as a model of how the National Health Service and a Local Authority Adult Social Services Department should co-operate.

If a stroke patient needs to be placed in a care home following hospitalisation they are initially moved into another hospital ward.

There they are looked after whilst Durham County Council Adult Social Services organise a place in a care home for them.

I would not like to see this superb service closed down and I hope Dehenna Davison will also lobby Government Ministers about this.

Andrew Dowson, Bishop Auckland.