I WRITE in response to the letter from N Smith of Brompton (HAS, Dec 23).

I understand very well that often there is frustration over both the time taken to deliver projects and the disruption they can cause and so I welcome the opportunity to comment on the two projects N Smith writes about.

I am disappointed that North Northallerton link road project has slipped, the latest information from the developers is that they hope to start work on the embankments in March and have the bridge completed by Autumn 2020.

For information the actual number of dwellings completed on the North Northallerton development so far is about 200 and not approaching 1,200 houses as claimed in the letter.

Turning to the Treadmills development; the southern retail phase will be completed in June 2020 but there will be disruption to traffic in East Road in January and February as The Link is widened and new signals are installed at the junction of The Link and East Road. Work to convert the listed buildings is due to commence in February.

A new newsletter has just been published for residents and businesses on the Treadmills development.

Both projects are complex with many challenges and involve a range of partners and stakeholders.

Many aspects of the management and timing are outwith the council’s control but we always endeavour to do as much as we can to move projects forward.

The council understands its responsibility to keep the public informed, and we will do our best to do this in respect of both of these schemes.

Councillor Mark Robson, leader, Hambleton District Council.