IN 1984 when fellow Britons were being murdered by the IRA, Jeremy Corbyn was the guest speaker at a pro-IRA meeting by the Marxist Irish Solidarity Committee.

In 1987, Corbyn took part in a minute’s silence to honour members of the IRA killed by the SAS.

These are two of many examples of Jeremy Corbyn attending pro-IRA meetings and rallies during which he made speeches supporting the IRA.

Former Labour MP David Winnick once said “Corbyn was well in with the IRA”.

Only when his past came back to haunt him and he thought it politically advantageous to do so, did Corbyn condemn the IRA.

In 2011, the anti-Semitic book Imperialism: A Study, written by John Atkinson Hobson was reissued. It was Jeremy Corbyn who wrote the foreword in which he described the openly anti-Semitic book as “brilliant”. He also defended an anti-Semitic mural and called terrorists who murdered Jews “resistance fighters” and “friends”.

Anyone who opposes terrorism and isn’t anti-Semitic would never do any of these things – but Jeremy Corbyn did!

CT Riley, Spennymoor