WHO on earth nominated former benefit butcher Iain Duncan Smith for a knighthood?

This man has achieved absolutely nothing, yet he is set to be rewarded with the highest honour known.

Looking at his track record, the Chingford chiseller hacked and slashed at every aspect of the welfare state.

His extremely cruel and frightening regime which includes the horrendous Universal Credit (UC) has left families homeless, sent millions to food banks and forced the jobless to work for free.

If that wasn’t bad enough he waged outright war on the disabled by slashing the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), increased sanctions for people on sickness benefit and had millions subjected to cruel and humiliating medical assessments.

For the unemployed, he created the pathetic and rather costly 2-year mandatory Work Programme – a scheme where private companies got rich by babysitting the jobless.

He also brought in the ‘bedroom tax’ and the appalling three-year benefit sanction.

On this evidence the people who have suffered under his unsparing regime will be rightly angered.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.