P. WINSTANLEY (HAS, Dec 24) needs to remember some facts. In the 1970s Labour went over to the far left and ruined the country and allowed Margaret Thatcher in.

But by staying with far left ideology (aided by Militant) Labour remained unelectable for years.

Only by purging far left extremists and returning to centre politics did Labour become electable. Whilst by returning to far left ideologies Labour once again became unelectable.

But it’s easier to blame Labour’s disastrous election result on the media, anyone or anything else than deal with reality. Years of incompetent Labour councils, Labour MPs taking voters for granted, Jeremy Corbyn, the derogatory attitude of Corbynites and Momentum toward Brexiters and those who don’t share their point of view is why Labour lost.

Traditional working class Labour voters made clear they’d rather risk going hungry or become homeless than have Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister. Corbynites need to think about that.

Corbynism is a failed ideology, rejected by the vast majority of working class voters. Labour will remain unelectable if its next leader is a Corbynite. If Boris Johnson fulfils his promise of investment into the new Conservative seats, then Labour will be finished.

Labour has to return to centre politics, stop blaming others and stop living in Narnia.

CT Riley, Spennymoor