NICOLA STURGEON, I liked you and liked a lot of what you said and held you in great esteem, but do you realise that if you separate from England to be a country and leadership of your own you will not have access to:-

1) Our NHS

2) Our English sterling etc

You will have to begin again build your own NHS and make your own money and a border will be built for you to cross into our country.

You will be like other countries with your own military, own hospitals, own prescriptions and apart from you wanting to be all ‘Lord Almighty’ I don’t understand why you would separate and cause the Scottish people so much grief. You get free prescriptions, we in England pay if you force a separation why should we pay more for our prescriptions when you don’t.

We won’t do it if you leave. Why leave, why split. You will be in your own If Wales does the same you won’t have any help from England.

We are one country together United as one.

Sheila Carrick, Shildon.