HOW very sad it would have been for many to read in the article “Anna Turley wins High Court battle with Unite” (Echo, Dec 20).

Not so much as to the how and why the former Labour MP won damages of £75,000 in the High Court, but to the levels that political discourse has fallen to.

For those that follow politics, especially Labour politics, they will know about the run-ins certain people have had with others, like their objections to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporter, Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey.

Surely if one feels so badly towards one’s leader and their number one supporter, then one should do honourable thing and not stand for public office, like one former local MP did, because of their disapproval of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Notwithstanding this, the voters of Redcar decided their future would be better served with a young local Tory chemical process worker than somebody who was going through the High Court and not 100 per cent focused on the election priorities.

One hopes that the voters have made the correct choice on this occasion.

George Dunning, Ormesby