IF my calculations are correct and we have a new PM after Thursday’s election this would be the nineteenth I have lived through since birth.

My first was during Ramsey McDonald 's term of office. When I was eligible for my first vote in 1954 this was a win for Winston Churchill which would be his second term in office since his leadership that took us through the Second World War of 1939-1945.

Listening to all the promises, statistics and hype that we have to endure, no wonder people take it all with a pinch of the proverbial salt. Some of the slogans are best forgotten. Remember:

"Taking a stand on the issues that matter."

"Britain deserves better."

"A fairer future for all."

"Vote for change."

"If you value it, vote for it."

The one that stands out in my mind was Harold McMillan's "never had it so good" remark to which the opposition came back with the unbeatable "Never been had so good" response.

Whatever happens on the 12th we will all wake up on the 13th (God willing) just the same as we have done every other day. Surviving.

Doug Porthouse, Ferryhill.