TONY KELLY from Crook is happy to vote for the Green Party (HAS, Dec 6).

But their politics in County Durham is in a pickle, or more correctly a soup (of a chemical nature).

In his critique of Joy Warren (Co-ordinator, UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance) printed here on May 4, 2019, he calls her campaign against fluoridation of North-East drinking water “hysterical nonsense” and describes fluoride as “wholesome and beneficial”.

Does he know this chemical is an untested non-pharmaceutical agent?

If the industrialists that produce it were foolhardy enough to dispose of it in rivers, ocean or air they would be jailed.

When added to drinking water in the “recommended” concentration of one part-per-million, it pollutes every litre of that formerly pure product with many millions of atoms of reactive toxic fluorine.

Along with part of Derwentside, the area of Crook and its hinterland receive fluoridated water, which Tony Kelly seems quite happy to drink, but tooth decay in five-year-olds in his area was 26 per cent higher than the rest of non-fluoridated County Durham in 2012.

The Green Party has had an official policy of opposition to fluoridation for many years, and campaign for its eradication. Therefore, they would prevent Tony Kelly from ever again consuming this “beneficial” chemical.

And now for the crunch. The Green Party candidate for Sedgefield, Doctor John Charles Furness backs the expansion of water fluoridation in County Durham to the hilt.

Has he told his colleagues of his own party of his passion? Who knows, but until we find out, voting for him would seem an illogical choice.

Michael Watson, Darlington