BORIS JOHNSON expresses his frustration with three-and-a-half years of having a hung parliament and not being able to get things done, and is now asking to be given a majority government.

But the failure of Theresa May’s deal was due to the European Research Group of Conservative MPs, including Mr Johnson, who rejected it.

Now a substantial number of Conservatives, while being unable to support Mrs May’s deal, consider it to be superior to Mr Johnson’s because of greater attention to job security and to maintaining the unity of Great Britain.

Mr Johnson has been a senior member of the Government for not only these last three years but the many desperate years of austerity before. He has contributed greatly to many feeling doom, gloom and despair. Many people of all political persuasions do not trust him.

It is time for the UK to be brought closer together. The country requires a further referendum when it is known exactly what are the implications of leaving or remaining.

John Denham, Darlington