PETE WINSTANLEY (HAS, Nov 25) claims that Jeremy Corbyn "is not a Communist, but a democratic socialist". Really?

You do surprise me, Mr Winstanley.

Corbyn may not be a Communist, but he’s certainly a Marxist. The difference between the two? Purely academic.

I’ve never read Marx but it’s common knowledge what he stands for – class war, revolution, civil war and mass slaughter, culminating in the glorious "dictatorship of the proletariat", ie: the Communist Party.

So, Jeremy Corbyn – moderate and "democratic"? Come off it, Mr Winstanley.

All you need to know about Corbyn can be inferred from the company he keeps, like his right-hand man, Seumas Milne.

I’ve read a book by Milne composed of his articles for The Guardian, including (a) bitter denunciations of the US and Israel as having no right to exist (ring any bells?) and (b) glorification of the role of the Soviet Union in the Second World War, heedless of their savagery, butchery and cruelty (an elderly Polish acquaintance tells me that the Soviets were worse that the Nazis).

To conclude, if you have a grain of common sense but normally vote Labour, think twice this time.

Tony Kelly, Crook