N reply to Maurice Baker (HAS, Nov 20), Helen Goodman has failed to do her duty as Bishop Auckland MP.

Elected to represent the views of her constituency, she ignored the referendum result and pursued her preference for remain.

What good is that? How do those who voted leave have their voices heard?

You can almost feel the animosity in the air against her, and I for one will be very surprised if she is re-elected.

Mr Baker also criticises Boris Johnson’s late arrival to the are in South Yorkshire that was hit by flooding at the start of the election campaign.

I experienced flooding 18 years ago, river bursting its banks, torrents smashing the back gate and door, water level about 4ft before we eventually could open the front door to allow the water to escape.

We had to move out and live with our son and his family for seven months while it dried out and repairs were done.

There was a tremendous amount of work, floors dug up, plaster taken off to ceiling height, then industrial driers in for months.

During this period we never saw anyone from the government or local council. The only aid we received was a small box of cleaning stuff delivered to every home in the street.

We hired a skip to dispose of everything that had to be thrown out. The skip was correctly placed on the road, with warning cones and lights and not obstructing any traffic. Despite the trauma of the situation, the only contact the council made was to send a letter saying if we didn’t move the skip we would be prosecuted.

So, which was the caring, sharing party in government at the time? I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t the Tories.

So from experience, being a couple of days late during an election campaign doesn’t wash with me and if these are the only negative things Mr Baker can come up with, he is clutching at straws.

Gary Mundell, West Auckland