THERE are only three possible outcomes to the election:

1) Conservative overall majority

2) Conservatives largest party governing with the support of Brexit Party MPs

3) Some sort of Labour/SNP/LibDem consortium

For leavers, result (2) is pretty much essential to stop the Tories backsliding over or prolonging Brexit.

Result (3) means we will not leave the EU, despite the referendum result, and those Labour leavers who want to bury their head in the sand can chew on this.

Corbyn promises he will get a deal with the EU which he admits will leave us in a worse position with the EU than we are now. He will then have another referendum with the only choice being between his (pathetic) deal which no one in their right mind would vote for, and remaining in the EU. Fait accompli. Furthermore while he pretends to be impartial he will allow most of his cabinet to actively campaign against his deal.

Just so you all know what you are voting for if you vote Labour. Remainers will work this out and will back Labour. Leavers in Labour seats should vote Brexit – not Conservative.

Denis McAllister, Leyburn