CHRIS LLOYD reports Tony Blair’s comments that Labour cannot win the election, but denying Boris Johnson a majority is desirable (Echo, Nov 29).

Thus centrist voters, who would not normally vote Labour, should consider rallying around good Labour MPs (in Sedgefield, Stockton South and elsewhere) whose seats could fall to the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson has been sacked twice for lying: from his job at The Times newspaper and from the shadow cabinet.

As a Prime Minister he has consistently tried to evade scrutiny both in Parliament and with the media.

The latest deception has been his claim that the opposition parties had delayed Brexit: it had been the Brexiters like him who delayed Brexit by opposing Theresa May’s deal.

He opposes a referendum on his Brexit deal because he knows there is no longer a majority for Brexit.

Our electoral system may allow him to have a majority in Parliament, despite representing a minority in the country, but it would be the third consecutive election in which the Conservatives have taken advantage of our unfair electoral system to impose extreme policies: first it was excessive cuts to the public services, that will continue due to Boris Johnson’s pledge not to increase taxes, and now a damaging hard Brexit.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, Durham