COULD the RSPCA answer some questions about badgers to a confused cattle farmer?

1. Frontline vets and farmers all want a cull. Are they all stupid, or do they know something?

2. Closed herds get bovine TB.


3. Our fathers and grandfathers could control the TB. How?

4. Is there such a thing as overpopulation of badgers? Are they affecting other species, such as hedgehogs, ground-nesting birds, bumble bee nests, etc?

I am not anti-badger. There is a place for them in our countryside, but I feel my fellow farmers are being sacrificed to the "sacred badger".

Take away our cattle, the countryside will change for the worse. Politicians, you are elected to make a sometimes unpopular decision as well as popular, easy ones. We are losing the war on bovine TB - big time.

R Johnson, Danby Wiske, Northallerton, North Yorkshire.