IN answer to Peter Winstanley and Peter Dryden (HAS, Nov 25) I would like to say I am pleased that I have had a response to my letter about Jeremy Corbyn. Where do I start to reply?

I will surprise both respondents to say I respect Mr Corbyn ( as well as Dennis Skinner) who have held true to their beliefs (misguided in my opinion) over many years but that does not say I like either.

Is Mr Corbyn a Communist? He was asked in 2015 if he was a Marxist, and he neither affirmed or denied it.

Would it make any difference if Mr Corbyn declared himself a Communist? There has only ever been one Communist elected MP in Great Britain, so draw your own conclusion.

I was asked if I thought that Attlee and Bevan were Communists. I don’t know but what I do know that this was a golden era for Labour and this country. What I also know they were a lot more capable than Mr Corbyn and John McDonnell and there wouldn’t be the nastiness in the Labour Party there is today with the formation of Momentum.

Mr Corbyn is not a leader, he was elected by default. There is a large number in his party who dislike him. He has always been a Leaver yet he has shown no leadership on this issue, which like it or not is the defining issue in this election.

Going back to Peter Dryden’s assertion that a middle of the road politician who believes in Brexit is a contradiction, I don’t understand his argument.

Finally, Mr McDonnell’s budget plans, including billions for women’s pension, and a four-day week. Does anyone believe this? Mr McDonnell hates the rich. The reverse will be true if he becomes Chancellor, because they will leave the country and take their wealth with them.

Then where will his tax come from?

Tom Ball, Barnard Castle