YORKSHIRE DALES NATIONAL PARK (YDNP) seem keen to blame others for not delivering their ridiculous target of affordable homes in the Dales.

Should they not now be questioning whether there is the actual demand and how robust their research is that forms the basis of their targets.

They seemed pleased with passing many planning permissions in particular West Witton, which will be seriously affected by 17 new houses. The village already has many houses for sale.

Surely would-be developers will look closely at this and wonder how quickly they will sell their new builds to make a return on their investment.

It seems the YDNP and partners are about hitting targets at any cost to environment and green spaces and have little idea how viable these sites are for would-be builders and developers.

What, if any, time is spent looking at prospective builders for these sites, their financial capability and their track record on delivering?

This is about supply and demand and the demand is not proven.

P Hall, West Witton.