ANN ALLISON is worrying me a little.

Ann is so right that the leave vote, by 1.4m, won the referendum of 2016 but according to remainers, they did not know what they were voting for.

They did. Remainers think, if they say it often enough (which they do) leavers will believe it also. How wrong they are!

Ann, what ever happens do not go into hibernation (I know you are only joking) but ensure you vote for the right party on December 12 – a leave party.

In this election the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party must stand as one to avoid splitting the leave vote. If they do stand together they will get a landslide victory.

If they did go into the election as one party, prior to the election there would have to be a legal agreement to give the Brexit Party a number of seats depending

on the amount won. If no majority was obtained the agreement would be cancelled. Worry about other policies in the future as all parties promise the earth but cannot please everybody.

In the 2024, election both parties would go back to being on their own.

I hope in Darlington there is a really high turn out, with voters remembering the mess that was left behind in 2010 by the outgoing Labour government with their policy of spend, spend, spend!

Mike Taylor, Darlington