THERE are many problems within our nation. These need to be addressed, but they have to be prioritised.

More money has to be spent on the NHS and providing social housing. More money has to be spent on schools, jobs training, youth clubs etc. These along with an increased living wage will help give people hope, a future, whilst reducing poverty and crime.

But creating a four day week paying five days wage, as Labour is proposing, will only destroy jobs and businesses. Whilst nationalising railways, utilities, etc. means spending money we don’t have on things which aren’t priorities.

There are people within the UK who need and deserve help. But equally, there are those who don’t and already can create a better life for themselves. But to do so means they have to drop the victim mentality, stop thinking they’re owed something, stop blaming others or making excuses. They then need to start taking responsibility for their life, actions, mistakes, limitations, shortcomings and do something to improve their situation, instead of expecting others to do it for them.

CT Riley, Spennymoor