PETER RICHARDSON (HAS, Oct 30) is one of many complaining about the fact that their elected MP is not supporting or following the wishes of the constituents who voted to leave the EU in the referendum.

Let me ask all those of a like mind to remember that these Members of Parliament are the same ones elected by the constituents in the last General Election.

Surely, like me, the voters would have carried out a thorough investigation into the character and views of each candidate before entering the polling station.

Necessarily this would require the voter to examine among many things, the candidate's previous employment, their voting record and Parliamentary speeches (if a standing MP), detail of those who may or do sponsor them, as well as analysis of their current or past links to outside organisations.

In particular, standing MPs hold regular surgeries where the electorate can question not only opinions but the method that the MP predominately uses in his or her decision making.

One can only presume that the degree of surprise being currently expressed is due the fact that none of this simple investigative work, so readily available, was not carried out.

I can only hope this lack of involvement in the electoral process did not apply to the referendum. Surely no one voted on such an important issue on a "gut feeling" alone.

B Jackson, Sacriston.