IT must be clear to all that Durham and York city centres are enjoying an economic boom. If Darlington town centre is to share in that economic prosperity, we are going to have to offer more to tourists.

The approach to both our railway stations needs radical improvement and urgent attention. The redevelopment proposed at the Head of Steam Railway Museum is key.

Currently the Head of Steam Museum has a relatively small number of engines on permanent public display.

There is a shortage of exhibition space, indoors, open to the public, all the year round.

A1 Trust NELPG and Darlington Railway Preservation Society are doing their best mounting volunteer-led exhibitions every first and third Saturday of the month. But I wonder if there is an opportunity be missed here, to employ full time, some of these trust members in the approach to the bi centennial so that their exhibits are on show all the time?

Councillor Nigel Boddy, Darlington