EVER since the Brexit result, the leavers’ cry has been “we know what we voted for”.

So, did they, for example, vote to stay in the customs union, so Nissan could maintain their “just in time” supply chain, or did they vote to be outside the customs union, so that all of Nissan’s thousands of European supply chains must be delayed, documented, certified and checked in some way?

Similarly, Theresa May, as part of the deal, would have maintained workers’ rights, consumer rights, food safety standards and environmental standards.

Boris Johnson’s present deal has removed all of these protections, at present enshrined in UK law in his race to a low tax, low regulation economy in order to please Donald Trump and allow US conglomerates open access to the choice parts of the NHS.

Such questions were never broached.

All we heard was the untrue claim of claiming back £350m pounds a week.

Eric Gendle, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.