IT is noted that Mike Barton, former Durham Chief Constable, has taken to local TV to mull over the problems of Cleveland Police.

It’s a pity he wasn’t as objective in office when I made several requests, all ignored, for information as to Durham’s performance regarding the issue of speeding tickets for the year ended March 2017.

A subsequent unearthing of this information, by a Freedom of Information request, reflected a daily average of only 20 speed tickets for the whole of Durham force area.

I would respectfully suggest that such a level of police enforcement isn’t likely to curb speedsters.

However a more up to date assessment of enforcement should be available when I receive a response from our current Chief Constable, to my Freedom of Information Request of October 3, regarding speed tickets issue figures for the years ended March 2018 and March 2019.

However I must say, I question the need for me to be dragged through the aforementioned Freedom of Information procedures because the Chief Constable chooses to totally ignore what I consider to be fair and reasonable requests for information.

You have to ask, whatever happened to all that stuff about democratic scrutiny and responsibility, public relations and transparency.

Finally I am heartened by the action of Medomsley residents and local county councillors to try and get something done about speeding in their area (Echo, Sept 26).

I would respectfully suggest, that speed limits, no matter what level, will not deter perennial speedsters, unless backed up by an adequate level of police enforcement such as speeding tickets.

W McKeown, High Pittington, Durham.