THOSE Bulgarian so-called football supporters who chanted racial abuse at the England players on Monday night must be over the moon at the publicity they have received from the media,

including British television and the British press. It would have been more appropriate to use the CCTV footage to identify those involved. It was very clear, and it should be used to prosecute and ban the offenders instead of attempting to penalise the whole of Bulgaria.

The reporting in the British media should have gone along the lines of “the match was marred by racist incidents involving a minority of Bulgarians in attendance”. No more, no less.

The publicity they got will only encourage similar types of behaviour.

However, I do think footballers should toughen up a little bearing in mind the verbal abuse referees suffer week in and week out.

The Bulgarian FA will be equally appalled at the behaviour of some of the crowd.

Mike Taylor, Darlington