WHILE I applaud park rangers and keepers doing a fantastic job keeping Darlington’s South Park looking good, I am always reading the plaque in the park regarding the millions of pound spent on restoring the park to its former Victorian splendour.

After many years I have yet to notice where the exciting new facilities for the 21st century are. Also the Terracotta fountain has always looked terrible even after the millions being spent.

The main gates are always left open to allow off road bikers in, and it’s only a matter of time before the boy racers in cars will enjoy the park at night.

Also, I see the dog wardens very often riding around the town. I have never seen or heard them enforcing the park rules regarding dogs running loose – and the amount of dog poo about.

I am always in the park helping to pick the litter, it would be great if everyone would help a little to free the rangers up for other tasks.

Stan Wilby, Darlington