IT is apparent that the expansion of housing in the Tees area far outstrips its needs. It does not follow the norm for the rest of the country.

What are we doing ignoring the perils of pollution not only to ourselves, but to the animals, and fauna or our planet? We read, watch and are aware that our planet is in crisis, it is not only in the hands of the youth who seem to have much more foresight than us, but we, “the grown ups” are continuing to build indiscriminately in green areas which will be our lifeline.

The World Health Organisation has recorded that Middlesbrough is one of 40 cities who regularly breaches pollution levels, pollution level knows no boundaries.

It was with great sadness that I read (Echo, Oct 5), that due to government intervention the application to build on land adjacent to Flatts Lane Country Park in Middlesbrough had reluctantly been approved despite disapproval both by residents, outsiders and full council, who undertook their own study and research, finding many faults in the application of the developer.

Local, well informed and intelligent studies of our own drew similar conclusions and have proved fruitless. Democracy was not at work here.

The site to be developed is at the base of the Cleveland escarpment and its geography is responsible when the weather produces heat inversions, which do not allow in certain weather circumstances, pollution to escape into the atmosphere.

The pollution can last for a day or more and it hangs in the wide valley below.

It is a sight, not nice, to behold from our local Eston Hills as the pollution builds up. These are situations which the council nor the developers have to address even when it is brought to their notice.

Noise pollution from the Parkway (A174) which runs parallel to the site is continually above levels considered to be acceptable to live with.

I feel sadness and anger at the ignorance of the people responsible for this continuing destruction our land, where the youth who have brought it to our attention on numerous occasions are still being ignored as it is their health and future we are dabbling with.

I wonder if the developers would choose to buy one of their houses and live there?

Sheila Havery, Middlesbrough