Helen Goodman (HAS, Oct 7) seems to be getting her retaliation in first.

A general election must be coming sooner than we think.

Her foodbank comments omit the fact they started as a result of Labour policies in 2000 and have increased year on year and are common within the EU.

Are foodbanks a bad thing? Supermarkets regularly throw good, edible surplus food away, now many donate them to foodbanks, surely a positive recycling of edible food? Plus, it shows that there is a positive way that volunteers can help within society. Labour will reduce poverty? Note they will not eradicate it, no government can. Labour will throw money at it but will not solve poverty, surely the main issue is how to use our tax money more efficiently such as increased sustainable employment while supporting those in poverty with more efficient use of the welfare system – something Universal Credit seems to be slow in achieving.

Ms Goodman was elected in 2005 with a majority of 10,047. Four elections later that has been slashed to 502. The voting public are waking up to just how ineffective, Helen Goodman has been and still is.

John Walker, Newton Aycliffe