AS an EU national who has lived and worked in Durham for 28 years, I would have voted Leave in 2016.

From the admirable beginnings of the EEC, we are now moving at terrifying speed towards not just a United States of Europe, but a European Empire.

Accountability has been eroded with everything decided by unelected bureaucrats in the EU Commission.

The EU Parliament has no power; it is merely there to provide the illusion of democracy. National pride, sovereignty, immigration controls; these things are not racist. Quite the opposite – it is a celebration of different cultures everywhere. The Remain MPs have shamelessly gone back on their promise to respect the referendum result, showing contempt for all voters not just Leavers.

People from this country gave their lives to liberate Europe from tyranny in 1945. Brexit will be a beacon for democracy everywhere.

The EU only serves global corporations and fat cats in Brussels. Nigel Farage fought tirelessly to wake us all up. Every country that has ever voted to leave the EU, has had multiple repeat votes forced upon it until the correct answer was given (Remain). It will not happen here, and I love this country for it.

Linda Bosveld, Pity Me