I HAVE to disagree with Gillian Humble (HAS, Aug 28). Having had my meter since May 2017, I would recommend having one installed. Having a meter hasn’t restricted my use of energy.

I do go around my home switching off some appliances when not in use but that is more to do with safety than saving money.

I don’t overfill the kettle but that is saving energy.

Since June 2017, I have been paying £64 monthly for my gas and electricity and in 2017 and 2018, I received refunds totalling over £70.

I wouldn’t be without my smart meter keeping me up to date on my spending.

Mike Taylor, Darlington

GILLIAN HUMBLE doesn’t care for smart meters and is entitled to her opinion (HAS, Aug 28).

She probably has realised that the deluge of calls and letters is because smart meters save the supplier money, both for meter readers and the back-office computer systems. 

She is entitled to refuse but I suspect that, when her current meter reaches end of life the only replacements available will be the smart type as they are cheaper to manufacture.

I have three smart meters for solar panels, electricity and gas. We got them just to avoid the hassle of having to make appointments for a meter reader.  They work. We never look at the display, I don’t need telling what to do to reduce my bills and get the best from the solar panels.

Many years ago, I worked for a company designing electricity meters. The power to run the meter comes from before the metering elements so it doesn’t affect your bill.  Actually, electronic meters use less internal power than the voltage coils of the old disc-type meters. The plug-in display is not important, the radio signal to your supplier comes directly from the meters. If Ms Humble doesn’t want it, she can unplug it.

My suggestion: let them be fitted then carry on as before. It’s less hassle than answering the phone to them.

Anthony J Foster, Peterlee