A NUMBER of your correspondents attacked my letter (HAS, Aug 27) but do not dispute its main point that it is wrong to claim, “that the majority of people voted to leave”.

I claim the correct statement is “that the majority of people who voted, voted to leave”.

In seeking a second referendum I did not say that I think the 36 per cent who did not vote will disagree with the result of the first referendum.

On the contrary I think some who voted will have changed their views, some who did not vote will vote and some who voted will not vote. I think a second referendum is needed because there is general agreement that both sides gave misleading information during the campaign and that we now know more about the consequences of leaving.

We have general elections at least every five years so that voters can change their votes having seen how the ruling party has performed.

Similarly, I think a decision on Brexit is as important as a general election as it will determine the prosperity of this country for the foreseeable future.

I suspect that leavers are against a second referendum as they fear the result will be different.

Brian Fiske, Darlington.