HAVING just read an article today (Echo, Aug 22), I really have to smile and shake my head.

The article, entitled “New GCSEs demoralising for less able”, pointed out that the “Tough new GCSEs are demoralising for lower achieving students, headteachers have warned”.

I’m wondering whether some genius will come up with the idea of ‘introducing’ a two tier system that might alleviate this problem – the first tier could perhaps be called O levels and the second CSEs.

In order to cater for the delivery of these two “new” qualifications, it may prove more effective to have schools specially geared up to the delivery of either one, or the other.

Of course, then, not all of our children would be having the same education, so we could no longer call it a comprehensive system.

We’d have to think of new names for these schools. Any suggestions?

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