CONSERVATIVE Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Darlington, Peter Gibson’s Facebook page, funded mainly from Tory HQ funds, attracts many people as they pay for extra reach.

Peter and the Conservative Party can't control this and unfortunately some unsavoury posts appear.

Peter has been invited to call out posters calling our current MP a traitor and remind them she has had death threats and Helen Goodman had her office attacked.

This weekend Owen Jones was attacked by extreme right-wing thugs and we all remember the Jo Cox tragedy.

I was genuinely expecting Peter to say clearly that language such as ‘traitors’ and treachery was unnecessary and dangerous as it provides cover and comfort for extremists who misconstrue it as support.

In fact, those posts could have been removed by one of his six administrators from outside Darlington, they are quick to remove others that challenge their narrative with facts.

I am writing to the Echo as I hope that this will encourage Peter and his site managers to do the right thing – better late than never.

Jim Garner, Darlington