I WAS born late June 1934 which coincided with the Night of the Long Knives in which Adolf Hitler eliminated his opponents.

The reason I say this is because I now have the feeling that this is where I came in.

On that night, Hitler made his followers swear full allegiance to the cause and with the aid of a very effective propaganda machine, went on the achieve ultimate power. He then led his country on a pathway to destruction.

Although Boris Johnson came to power after a bloodless coup, does this compare with events currently taking place?

With a propaganda machine which proved so effective during the referendum campaign, our Prime Minister is leading us down the same destructive path.

As the value of the pound plummets, inflation rises with resultant adverse effect on the cost of living and foreign investment in our country grinds to a half, October 31st looms.

Will we then witness the start of a break-up of the United Kingdom and relegation to the status of a Third World country, or will common sense prevail?

It is not too late for Parliament to assert its authority and halt this madness?

Maurice Baker, Spennymoor.