DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL is to go ahead with its new civic headquarters in the centre of Durham City (Echo, July 30), despite widespread local opposition.

The authority has tried to justify this by saying that by relocating 1,000 staff to the Sands car park it will provide “an all-round economic boost in trade to the city centre”.

By doing so the council has missed a unique opportunity to provide such a boost to practically any other town in the county which needs it more than Durham; e.g. Chester-le-Street, Consett, Peterlee or Spennymoor to name but four.

It now seems extremely short-sighted for the authority to have demolished civic centres in Chester-le-Street and Consett just a few years ago, only to now spend millions on a new HQ.

But of course, it is only the taxpayers’ money, isn’t it?

The council also claims “up to 6,000 jobs” will be provided at the new Aykley Heads business park. This sounds very optimistic but is also is very vague and could mean any figure from 99 to 5,999 jobs.

Neil McKay, Lanchester