IN response to

Peter Gibson’s observations on Jenny Chapman MP

(HAS, Jul 19).

That’s a great introduction from Mr Gibson, starting out by outlining the obvious faults of Jenny Chapman that we are all, already aware of. Well done sir.

However, Ms Chapman, apart from being a poor representative of a currently broken party, to her credit, she did finally cave in to overwhelming public pressure to save the public library.

I’m wondering, would Mr Gibson serve the local area anywhere near as well if he manages to get into the position?

Or will he continue to focus on the B debate where, like his totally out of touch party he quoted facts (yes let’s face it, they are facts) stating proportions of who voted to leave or remain.

The trouble with this outdated argument is since 2016, three per cent of those voters sadly have died, while we have four per cent of new voters crossed the voting threshold. We could argue all day as to how this has affected the dynamics but that’s not my point.

Instead can he tell us if he has any kind of a vision?

Something positive like how we can all earn a living for the next three years in the undoubted recession his blinkered politics are bringing us for example? I doubt it, and I’ll tell you why.

Someone who belongs to the worst performing and inept political party in the history of all time can’t offer me anything.

I’m starting my own political party; it’s going to be called the Common Sense Party for real people and it’s going to put all the politicians to shame.

And, that includes those hypocrites who’ve been fanning the flames all along who I’m not even going to bother naming.

P Minto, Hurworth