WE now know that Darlington, which voted to leave the EU by 56.2 per cent to 43.8 per cent on a 71 per cent turnout, has an MP who attended a pro-remain campaign group (Echo, Jul 15).

Jenny Chapman advises the public that if we leave the EU without a deal “jobs are going to be on the line”.

What is her view, I wonder, if the EU decides, under the threat of no-deal, to co-operate more and gives the UK a trade deal similar to what exists now as a member? What would she say then?

She should also be advised that even before Brexit in 1966 and 1984 approximately 5,000 jobs were lost in the area with the closure of North Road Locomotive Works and the successful Shildon Carriage and Wagon Works. There are many other closures that could be listed over the years. Regretfully these events happen.

This MP should stand down and hold a by-election at the earliest opportunity. I think she would be ousted.

Jenny has obviously learnt nothing from the recent European elections but she does use the well worn argument that leave voters may have changed their minds.

That might, of course, work both ways.

Mike Taylor, Darlington