THE letter from Marion Sangster of Toronto (HAS, Jul 9) was excellent, outlining the atrocities of hunting with dogs.

I filmed one of the first stag hunts in the country after the 2004 Hunting Act came into force.

The law states only two dogs to be used to flush a stag to a gun which is then to be shot as soon as possible. Straight forward? No.

The devil is in the detail.

Fresh teams of dogs were used, two at a time. When one team tired, the next two dogs would take over and so on. This happened for four hours until the stag, unable to sweat through his skin, only his mouth, was literally stumbling, his legs giving way, as Marion also describes.

Then quad bike riders steered him towards a field known as “the killing field”, where foot and car followers were waiting.

This huge stag was in a sorry state and stood at bay, turning to face his tormentors. At this point there were eight hounds, two from each direction, trying to bring him down. One hound was gored.

I was then attacked and only saw the stag give one almighty leap over a hedge then I heard the sound of a shot and the end of a life.

This type of hunting is happening still up to four times a week. And yet we are on Planet Earth!

Marjorie Embling, Crook