I WONDER how many of your readers are aware of costings if you are awaiting physiotherapy at the Darlington MSK Service.

I recently had surgery on my ankle and required physiotherapy.

I initially contacted BMI Woodland hospital and got costing for their physiotherapy which came back £54 for the initial first attendance and subsequent appointments would be £42 per appointment.

On an average follow up to attend three sessions of physio at BMI Woodlands works out at £180.

On my phone I received a reminder to attend from MSK Darlington in Hundens Lane pointing out one missed appointment costs the NHS £160. Three attendances for physio with the NHS therefore costs £480.

I think the NHS is becoming a little heavy with its pricing and outsourcing its work out to call centres who are tripling the costings in physiotherapy and other areas of the health service.

This and with the recently mentioned loss of revenue to Bishop Auckland Football Club of the removal of the MRI Scanning unit from its field after three break ins one might question how the costings of siting an MRI Unit at the ground should incur a payment of £30,000 to the Club.

Does this mean the health service is paying the Club to site the vehicle there?

If this is the case one only has to work out all the Breast Screening/MRI Mobile Units throughout the country and subsequent payments for siting of no doubt will be draining the NHS of its precious funds.

Alison Porter, Darlington