ON the BBC1 Question Time programme (Jun 13), reference was made to this Government’s austerity policies contributing to over 100,000 deaths in this country.

Some of us are not surprised at that statistic because Tory governments have never done much for the people.

Remember when Cameron was PM: “We’re the party for people who want to get on in life.”

In other words, we want to make a lot of money, quickly, we haven’t time to be dragged down by social care.

Despite all the claims of record numbers of people in work, there are also record numbers of people dying and using food banks.

The people who voted this Government in are in “Rip-off country”. Ripped off by the rail, gas and electricity companies.

There is more, sit in a dentist’s chair for two minutes today and you will be charged £20-plus.

The people voted to leave the European Union, but cannot have their way because the Tories, a number of whom have admitted taking cocaine a number of years ago, arguing with each other over Brexit and now their leadership, are just a disorganised rabble.

Trump and Boris Johnson together don’t inspire me with confidence.

Jeremy Corbyn has his faults, we all have, but he would like to nationalise rail, gas and electricity.

I would say give him a chance and let him get on with it.

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