Grandad At Large (Echo, June 6)

, I am a mad bird feeder like Peter Barron’s wife.

But in my eyes there are worse things than the starlings that she persecutes – and those are the pigeons!

I live in a council flat and ground feed the birds outside my kitchen window.

My door is not near, so my preferred deterrent is to swish my kitchen blind up and down. I’m surprised it is still in one piece.

There used to be a couple of pigeons, but sometimes I look out now and there are half a dozen of the blighters. The magpies used to annoy me, but the pair live in the nearby trees and at least only take some of the food, whereas the pigeons systematically chomp their way through the lot.

I think, well at least the starlings give us pleasure with their murmurations.

I try to think of the pigeons carrying messages during the war, but their greediness got in the way of that thought.

I do get some chaffinches and blue tits, which are lovely, and I actually had a beautiful goldfinch this morning.

If only the pesky pigeons would chomp off somewhere else!

Janice Latter, Darlington.