WHILE Amber Rudd attempts to place Jeremy Hunt at the head of the pack of aspiring leaders and Michael Gove demonstrates his credentials as something not to be sniffed at, Rory Stewart smokes the pipe of peace as the fragrant aroma of cannabis drifts around Westminster Hall.

Perhaps the deals we are looking for at the moment are not quite the ones on offer?

Neil Kinnock’s description of the Tory party as "ferrets in the sack" could not be more appropriate.

Meanwhile, the Heathrow run-a-way – Boris Johnson – proves why he is in front of the field by pulling a rabbit out of that sack.

Before his abysmal record at the Foreign Office, as well as his antics during the Bullingdon days at university, is once more in the spotlight, he promises tax cuts for the more affluent.

Who are these people who will be benefitting? No less than Tory members who actually select the winner.

Imagine the pressure Tory MPs will face from their constituents to ensure Boris will be one of the two final candidates up for selection.

He most certainly has covered all the angles.

Maurice Baker, Spennymoor