I THINK we all need to be deeply concerned about the comments of President Donald Trump that the NHS should be on the table in trade talks after Brexit is concluded.

It seems clear to me that Trump wants access to large parts of our NHS for American health companies as part of any post-Brexit trade deal.

This raises the spectre of millions of British people having to pay huge bills for stays in hospital and other treatments, as is common in the US.

This seems a very strange way to be "taking back control".

I just hope that all citizens of our country become fully aware of what could well happen to our NHS, if and when we do leave the EU.

Peter Sagar, Newcastle

I MUST have missed something over these last few days and I am horrified to read and hear that Donald Trump is pressing the Government to ensure business is continued with the Americans after Brexit and then he adds our NHS must be in the agreement.

Hold on a moment: when did this reach his table for discussion before ours?

The last thing we need is big American business cutting up our health service into chunks for American investors to eat into.

It was the American intervention in the late 1980s which brought about the tainted blood scandal blood donated unchecked and passed across the pond to us with deadly consequences. It has left successive governments with the compensation payments, which would not have happened if adequate checks on all sides had been carried out at the offset.

Our health service established by a Labour government and currently ambling along nicely, should not ever be offered up in any deal, like a sacrificial lamb, to any business consortium, least of all the Americans.

Alison Porter, Darlington