SADIQ KHAN and all of those dismissing The Donald need to think twice before badmouthing Trump.

He has done what not many before have and that is put his country first.

All of you Trump-haters need to give your heads a shake.

America always treats our heads of state with respect and for the UK to treat Trump in this way is despicable.

Even if you don’t agree with his running of America those protestors who have time to go to the capital to shout abuse at the American leader need a job, and if they have one they should be at work instead of causing disarray in the capital.

London, as John Cleese correctly remarked – and has been labelled racist – is no longer British but owned mainly by Russian, Arabic and Chinese people.

And if those Trump hating protestors don’t have a job they need a leader like Trump who puts his country before any other, just as it should be.

John Cumberland, Rushyford